The project has been undertaken by an International team of historians fourteen strong.  These are:

  • Rebecca Clifford, Associate Professor, University of Swansea, working on Italy
  • John Davis, Fellow and Praelector in Modern History and Politics and Lecturer in History, University of Oxford, working on England;
  • Juliane Fürst, Research Director at the Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung, Potsdam;
  • Robert Gildea, Professor of Modern History, University of Oxford, working on France;
  • Gudni Jóhannesson, former Associate Professor, School of Law & School of Business, Reykjavik University and current President of Iceland, working on Iceland;
  • Anna von der Goltz, former Junior Research Fellow, Magdalen College, University of Oxford and current Lecturer at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and Department of History, working on the two Germanies;
  • James Mark, Professor of Modern History, University of Exeter, working on Hungary;
  • Piotr Oseka, Associate Professor, Institute of Political Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences, working on Poland
  • Chris Reynolds, Associate Professor in French and European Studies, Nottingham Trent University, working on Northern Ireland;
  • Nigel Townson, Professor of Modern History, Faculty of Sociology and Political Science, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, working on Spain;
  • Marie Černá, Researcher at the Institute of Contemporary History, Prague, working on Czechoslovakia;
  • Polymeris Voglis, Associate Professor, University of Thessaly, working on Greece; and 
  • Anette Warring, Professor of History, Department of History and Social Theory, University of Roskilde, working on Denmark.

The project benefited hugely from the advice of Professor Shelia Rowbotham, Professor of Sociology at the University of Manchester, former activist and acclaimed author of Promise of a Dream (2000).

The researchers met in three annual workshops, separately funded by the Leverhulme Trust – Oxford in 2007, Roskilde in 2008 and Prague in 2009.  A fourth workshop took place in Madrid in 2010. 

The project published a series of articles in a special number of Cultural and Social History: 'Voices of Europe’s ‘68’. Cultural and Social History special issue, vol 8:4 (2011) and brought out a book, with Oxford University Press, revolving around the themes of becoming an activist, being an activist, and making sense of activism: Europe’s 1968. Voices of Revolt, edited by Robert Gildea, James Mark and Anette Warring (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2013).